November 29, 2009

Magnetism and the Holidays

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It is a great Holiday idea to give a gift of better health, less pain, faster healing and a better attitude! Lots of great gift ideas from Vital Wonder Boutique online – Come check out all the unique gift ideas like luxury bath products: sea sponges, deluxe soaps, German Boar Bristle shaving brushes, body brushes; striped hip over-the-knee socks, dichroic glass wine bottle stoppers, keychains and more. Vital Wonders Magnetics has wonderful magnetic jewelry, specializing in women’s fashions. Offering magnetic cuffs and bangles for a cool new look and full of power.


October 29, 2009

Vital Wonders Boutique has come to Vital Wonders online

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Vital Wonders has branched out for the Holiday season with great gift offerings. At under the category GIFTS there is a great new shopping area. Vital Wonders is offering a fabulous line of luxury bathing products, hip sexy over-the-knee socks, dichroic glass belt buckles, dichroic bottle stoppers, flamework beaded key chains and zipper pulls and imaginative dichroic fused glass jewelry – perfect for gifts.

Highlighting Florida’s deluxe sea sponges; 90% of the world’s sea sponges come from off the Florida keys in the Gulf of Mexico. The sheep’s wool and yellow sea sponges harvested here are the most sought after sponges in the world. We have the premium Rock Island sheep’s wool sponges, the best sheep’s wool sponges anywhere, soft, silky durable-can last over 10 years; high quality yellow sea sponges, for a more vigorous exfoliation, can last over 5 years; small soft silk sponges for cosmetic uses; and cut-ups of sheep’s wool and yellow sponges for personal use and great for hobbies and painting projects.

Only here, Vital Wonders own line of natural soaps, Soapylicious; highest quality ingredients with incredible scents; Alchemy Soap line from Simply Soap, soaps using ancient formulas for soaps with incredible qualities; and the unique must-have Sponge-in-a- Soap, goat’s milk soap bar with a sea sponge inside in fabulously seducing scents. Total Luxury. Also highlighting Men’s high quality German Boar Bristle Shaving Brushes, Nail brushes, facial brushes, wooden soap dishes and loofahs.

Rockn’Socks, a hip green company using regenerated cloth, has a great line of crew, knee and the over-the-knee socks in stripes and patterns. We are offering these great socks at Vital Wonders Online Boutique.

Dichroic glass gifts are also for sale from Molten Ice Dichroic and Blast Glass Jewelry; featuring dichroic glass wine bottle stoppers, keychains, zipper pulls, belt buckles and jewelry. Great gift for someone who has everything.

Vital Wonders Online Boutique is also offering handmade HIP purses, sweet purse bags which hang on the hips leaving your hands free.

Italian Sterling Silver chains, wire chokers, leather cords, silk ties, ribbons and more are here for your selection for whatever needs you have.

Lastly Vital Wonders has a Online Bazaar featuring great buys on imported beaded bracelets, necklaces, medicine bags and more for sale at low low prices – great for stocking gifts. Many gifts under $10.00.

Please come check out Vital Wonders NEW Online Boutique for all your shopping and Holiday needs.

September 11, 2009

Vital is Settling In

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I have been tweaking the heck out of all month, after separating the dichroic glass and art glass jewelry to its own new site housing Molten Ice Dichroic, Blast Glass Jewelry, Remember This – Retro, and Silver Shrine Gold Mine.

It has been an interesting division, much like a cell dividing into two distinct entities.  Their incubation period is over now and it is time for the eggs to break.  I am feeling oddly at peace.  Of course the tweaking will continue as I learn new html and keep upgrading myself, but for now these babes are ready to fly.

Vital Wonders Healthware now has the chance to expand and bring out some new products unique to Vital Wonders.  These magnetic products are still under wraps.  I will also be adding some non-magnetic luxury items like Soapylicious Soaps, Vital Wonders’ line of natural, buttery, herbal soaps and bath items like sea sponges, loofahs, personal brushes and more.

I have many great plans coming, much R & D to work on during the long cold winter.  And frankly, I think I will be celebrating the coming of the end of 2009; I am riding on faith for 2010.  Sounds too sci-fi, doesn’t it?

August 25, 2009

VW Boutique has Closed but Grows Online

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Vital Wonders Boutique has closed its doors at White Hall Village as of July 31, 2009.  Due to gross mismanagement,  all the stores had to vacate basically without notice.  It was a sad ongoing ordeal for nearly 10 stores representing over 25 people with everything on the line.

My great news is my website has now split into two separate stores;  Vital Wonders carries therapeutic magnetic jewelry and carries my designer jewelry lines: Molten Ice Dichroic, Blast Glass Jewelry, Silver Shrine Gold Mine and Remember This – Retro.

I have anticipated this for years and put together my new website with all that I have learned about html.  So it is basic but inclusive.  Please drop by and pay us a visit, I would love to have you see my ongoing work.  I have new pieces added every week with many innovations coming.

Vital Wonders Magnetics remains at offering fashion forward therapeutic magnetic jewelry which are both powerful and beautiful – made to order in the USA.  Vital Wonders has been offering fine designer magnetic jewelry for over 5 years now and will continue to offer new styles in the latest fashions.  Magnetize Me – the Vital Wonders Way!

My non-magnetic jewelry has split from Vital Wonders Healthware to  This way each site is specialized and specific to genre.

Molten Ice Dichroic is my jewelry line of DICHROIC JEWELRY.  I am offering stunning opalescent pendants, earrings and fully beaded necklaces with a focal point of a unique dichroic pendant.  All my dichroic pieces are unique one-of-a-kind made in the USA by me.  I only fuse up to 20 pieces at a time to ensure complete control over the integrity of the intricate design and complex patterning.

Blast Glass Jewelry are fused glass pieces made from various art glass often using Wasser precut shapes such as circles, stars,squares and hearts. These pieces are colorful, bright and youthful. There is a fabulous selection of earrings and necklaces to choose from.

Silver Shrine Gold Mine is my line of artisan hand wrought sterling silver and gold pieces. This line is still in early development with many sterling hoops and dangling disc chandelier earrings coming, PMC silver and gold rings and pendants, hammered sterling barrettes, sterling bangles and cuffs, with many surprises to come.  There is a small selection to choose from of swarovski crystal drop earrings, sterling hoops and corkscrew drop earrings for sale now.

My newest line, Remember This – Retro is here! This section will grow tremendously but is starting off with great memory wire bangles with flamework beads, cloisonne beaded cuffs, elastic bangles of cloisonne, wood, glass, and metallic beads.  Great memory wire necklace chokers to match too.  Many styles to come.

WWW.ILUVJEWELRY.COM is Kim DiJulio’s new website of her innovative designer jewelry, proudly made in the USA.

May 26, 2009

Vital Wonders Boutique is now Open!

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Inside White Hall Village, 6th & White Ave Grand Junction, CO, #305 is now home to Vital Wonders Boutique including all my jewelry lines, Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry, Molten Ice Dichroic, Blast Glass Jewelry and Silver Shrine Gold Mine.

April 1st, 2009 was the opening date and Vital Wonders Boutique has been developing since.  Along with my jewelry lines, my two books and various other Kim DiJulio offerings;  I am selling deluxe bathing soaps and sea sponges, loofahs, brushes and other luxury bathing products, Simply Soap’s Alchemy Soaps, VW Soapylicious delights, Mens’ shaving brushes and more.  I am selling Rockn’ Socks hip style crew, knee and over-the-knee socks made from regenerated cotton; MyChelle Dermaceuticals’s creams, serums, sprays, masks and peels.  Coming soon are baby slings from HugaMonkey.  For your wayward sons and daughters I have Official Psychopathic Records memorabilia.

I am adding new merchandise weekly.  It is exciting to open and fill a store with all the things I love.  It is an even bigger challenge due to the failing economy.  But the vibes are great and positive at White Hall Village and it is easy to spend a few hours checking out all the stores and offerings.  There is great spaces for rent in the chapel and [ex] church areas.

Changes are coming to http://www.Vital also.  The long awaited split between my two stores, Vital Wonders Healthware and Molten Ice Dichroic / Blast Glass Jewelry online store is coming soon.  My glass and sterling silver forged lines will be found under my new online store’s name,! I am looking forward to the new online store’s distinctions being able to finally advertise and promote each store separately.

Come visit my online store and soon to be online, If in Grand Junction, Colorado come visit me personally and let me show you my fine offerings. Peace.

Kim DiJulio / Designer

December 31, 2008

Does Magnetic Jewelry Work?

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My testimonial on how magnetic therapy has helped me.

To Go on Record About Magnetic Therapy’s Effect on my Life

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I would like to add my voice to the many about my experiences with magnetic therapy. I would like to add a testimonial concerning my own observations about my use of magnetic jewelry in my own life. It is why I dedicated myself to the development of stylish wearable magnetic jewelry for the continued use of magnetism to help with ailments and boosting overall health.
After farming for over two decades, I found I had developed carpal tunnel problems in both my wrists. Add that to the inherited and crippling thumb arthritis and disfigured painful fingers too, it was very troublesome. It bothered my sleep and hurt when I awoke. I slept with my hands sharply bent and curled under unless I consciously opened and spread them and then lied on top of them to keep them flat. I also suffered from back injuries in my lower, mid back and neck sections. Throw in relentless restless leg syndrome all evening. I knew it was best to keep moving. But who wants to even get up and greet the day when it starts out feeling pretty bleak?
I came across my first magnetic bracelet in an import store over five years ago. I thought it was novel and liked it’s iridescent shimmering colors. I wore it on and off, but remembered the saleswoman telling me something about it having effects upon the body. I basically started wearing them everyday because I like them, I wore a couple of them for their varying colors.
It wasn’t until I took them off that I first noticed anything. It was just before a storm came in and I was relaxing around the house. I noticed, by the hour, how big my fingers were swelling and how they hurt and became more and more unbendable. I then realized that this hadn’t happened in months. The realization hit that while I was wearing my magnetic bracelets I hadn’t had this happen. I put them back on and have been wearing them since. Unfortunately I went back to the store and she had sold out and never got in any again. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find any. I then started studying the Chinese companies that were producing the magnetic beads and found there were many styles and finishes and that I could actually make jewelry to match anything I wore. A year or so later, magnetic wrap bracelets/necklaces came in and flooded the market. It seemed the same few styles came in and I did not feel they stayed on very well. Anyway it was one look. Even if it was versatile and could be worn as a bracelet or necklace, it still seemed weak and troublesome. By then I had started buying beads and tested different cords and decided to go into business to spread the news that we have a choice to try something within our own power that won’t poison our bodies or cost much.
I periodically take them off to test them, but always feel much better and my pain is reduced greatly when wearing them. My other main problems had been sluggish circulation and feeling depressed and tired. While wearing my magnets I always feel better, having more energy, more balanced emotional feelings, less restless legs and better circulation. I have continually tested and retested it in my own life and have found that magnetic jewelry has helped me incredibly. I wouldn’t go without.
Kim DiJulio

December 6, 2008

speakup4 has arrived to blog

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Announcing opening new jewelry lines in Vital Wonders

Vital Wonders Jewelry is Expanding

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Vital Wonders designer Kim DiJulio is adding new lines to ‘Vital Wonders Magnetic Jewelry’ and ‘Molten Ice Dichroic Glass Jewelry’; new online: ‘Blast Glass Jewelry’ has arrived offering colorful fused glass jewelry, bright. young and fun. Kim DiJulio is also releasing ‘Silvershrine Goldmine’ her silver and gold line.

Hello world!

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